How to Pay Less for Baccarat Cigars

Baccarat Platinum Connecticut CoronaSome cigars go beyond everyday smokes on account of the fine flavors they generate, their overall presentation, and select wrappers that are used. Baccarat Cigars fall into this category and are therefore nothing short of premium in nature. They demonstrate that distinction with choice Cuban-seed, carefully aged Honduran tobaccos and select flawless wrappers. True to their name, these are the smokes that you want to bring to classy casinos, for use at high stakes poker games, and for finishing off a fine day on the greens. However, as befits any top shelf cigar brand, we can’t expect them to sell for cheap. Nevertheless, these excellent smokes are currently on sale at the Thompson Online Cigar Store for great low prices.

Since this sale is only going to be happening while supplies last, now is the time to order Baccarat Cigars. Buy a box of Baccarat Churchill Sweet Cigars to treat yourself to 25 fantastic, mild Connecticut wrapped smokes for less than $70. In addition to using premium tobaccos, these great smokes also have a mild, slightly sweetened cap to crown them with just the right touch of extra flavor. You could also go for a box of Platinum Baccarat Coronas for less than $50 and save on Baccarat Luchadores Lonsdales.

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Use Cigar Cases to Keep Cigars Safe During Travel

Protek 15 Count Travel CaseThe winter might be cold and dreary in many parts of the country but we don't necessarily need to stay around and shovel out the driveway. This is the perfect time of the year for taking a vacation and no trip should take place without a good set of cigars. No matter where you go, bring cigars to celebrate the trip. What you bring is up to you but you might want to take a bunch of favorite everyday smokes to enjoy while walking the greens, going fishing, or just relaxing at the hotel. However, don't forget to bring some premium cigars too because a vacation is a time to celebrate.

Enjoy that time to the fullest with some top shelf smokes but don't forget to keep them safe with a good cigar case. The Protek 15 Count Travel Case is a perfect case for the task no matter where you happen to be going. This case works on comfortable trips and not so comfortable adventures because it uses waterproof, extremely tough materials, is rustproof, mold-proof, and even has a pressure release. Not to mention, this tough travel case also has s small humidifier in its lid to keep your treasured sticks from drying out.

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Two Winning Ideas for Superbowl Cigars

Padron 1964 Aniversario Exclusivo Maduro RobustoSuperbowl season is one of the best times of the year. The winter holidays have finally ended, and since it's freezing cold outside, there's not a whole lot else to do but watch football on television. Since we are also at the tail end of football season, this is a great thing! The games are way more exciting than the start of the season and if your team in in it for the home stretch, you are sitting on cloud nine. Such a special time of the year requires special cigars for the biggest game of the year.

You don't want to smoke everyday cigars on a night that comes just once a year (nor for any of those semi-finals or big college games). Instead, look for 90 plus rated cigars at the Thompson Online Cigar Store and pick out a few choice smokes. Buy a box of Padron Anniversario 1964 Exclusivo Maduro Robustos and you will be ready to celebrate any game of the year. These ultra fine cigars are fit for the best of occasions with choice tobacco and a select wrapper that earned them an excellent rating of 94. If a box of those great smokes is a bit too much for the budget, you can always spend less on singles of premium cigars like the award winning 96 rated Flor de Antillas Toro Sun Grown cigar.

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Buy Bundles of Thompson Black Label Corona Habano Cigars for Everyday Smoking Happiness

Thompson Black Label Corona HabanoEveryday cigars are those sticks that we light up whenever we feel like enjoying a good smoke. It's as simple as that so it's worth it to have a good supply of everyday sticks at all times. With that in mind, everyday smokes have to be available for an affordable low price. All that means is that the cigars in question need to fall within one's own cigar budget. For aficionados fortunate enough to have a big cigar budget, everyday smokes can even be premium, boutique cigars that sell for fairly high prices.

However, for most of us, since most premium smokes are too expensive to enjoy on an everyday basis, we need to find lesser known brands that sell for low prices without sacrificing on quality. One of the best of those everyday smokes is the Thompson Black Label Corona Habano. The price is more than right for these satisfying sticks because twenty count bundles of Thompson Black Label Corona Habanos are available for less than $20! Despite the very low price, these cigars generate a quality, very enjoyable smoking experience. Every stick is rolled by hand, uses quality Philippine tobacco, and is wrapped in a delicious Habano wrapper.

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When to Buy 100 Paso Doble Robusto Connecticut Cigars

Paso Doble Robusto ConnecticutHave you ever tried Paso Doble Connecticut Robustos? If so, then you already know why it's important to keep the humidor stocked with these fine smokes. Paso Dobles are mild to medium bodied cigars that are rolled in a smooth Connecticut wrapper and combine both Dominican and Costa Rican tobaccos to produce a fine, mild and wonderful smoking experience. Much of that mild, easy-going flavor comes from the Costa Rican tobaccos that go into this cigar. If you have ever tried premium Costa Rican coffee, the tobacco shows somewhat similar, very smooth flavors. The full package makes for an excellent everyday smoke and this is one of the best reasons to buy 100 Paso Doble Connecticut Robustos.

Another time for buying a bunch of these fine, mild smokes is when you are throwing a fair sized party for employees or friends. The low price for these smokes combined with their easy going flavors makes them an excellent choice for rookie aficionados and folks who have yet to experience a good cigar. It goes without saying, then, that Paso Dobles are also ideal cigars to bring to a wedding. If a good friend or family member is getting ready to tie the knot, ask them if they would like guests to help celebrate the event with good cigars and if they say yes, (they probably will), buy 100 Paso Dobles for less than $90.

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Great Cigar Samplers for Great Low Prices

Victor Sinclair Super Selection 15 Cigar SamplerCigar samplers are always fun to buy. Even though you know which sticks are going to arrive in the sampler, there's always a few that you have never tried. It's fun to compare those with our favorite everyday sticks and well known, premium cigars. It's also a good feeling to know that the humidor is going to receive a nice variety of sticks. Some are different sizes, come from different cigar makers, and showcase different types of wrappers. However, another nice thing about samplers is related to their price. Buy a sampler and you typically end up spending a lot less on premium smokes. It gives you a chance to try some top shelf sticks without breaking the cigar budget while other samplers are just fine cigar deals in every sense.

To find the best deals on samplers, visit the Value Cigar Samplers page. This is where you will find several excellent assortments of cigars for very good prices. For example, recently, the World Class 20 Sampler has been on sale for less than $30. That's four brands of 20 fine cigars for less than half of the regular price. The same can be said of the Victor Sinclair Super Selection 15 Cigar Sampler. Buy that assortment and pay less than a third of the regular price for premium Victor Sinclair smokes.

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When to Know if It’s Time to Buy Cigar Samplers

Mild & Cheap 20 Cigar Churchill SamplerNo matter how big your cigar collection may be, there always comes a time when it needs to be replenished. We don't just store those cigars and forget about them. We of course smoke them and if you enjoy a cigar or two a day, you have to be careful about keeping the humidor stocked and ready to supply you with all of your cigar needs. Samplers are an excellent way to stock the humidor and also come in handy in other situations. If you notice any of the following three signs, the time has come to buy a few cigar samplers:

  • The number of cigars in the humidor is less than 20: If you notice that the humidor is looking rather empty, order a couple of cigar samplers to make sure that you always have enough cigars on hand.
  • You only have a few types of cigars: If you find yourself with just one or two types of sticks, order a sampler like the Best Cigar Sampler to have cigars for every situation.
  • You feel like trying new cigars: A big part of the appeal of cigars is having the chance to try sticks with different wrappers, different types of tobaccos, and noting the difference between premium and everyday sticks. Samplers like the Mild and Cheap 20 Cigar Churchill are excellent choices for trying new smokes.

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Yes, Backwoods Cigars Were Made for the Great Outdoors

Backwoods Cigarillo Maduro SweetMany an aficionado loves to spend time in the great outdoors. We take fishing trips out on the open sea, wade remote streams in search of trophy trout, and even go ice fishing in the dead of winter. We also walk the woods and fields in search of quail, rabbits, and other small game, spend hours in a tree stand to wait for that big buck to show itself, and go on big game hunts in Alaska. We also enjoy the great outdoors by camping and visiting national parks with the family but no matter how we enjoy the outdoors, we like to highlight the experience with some great cigars.

A smoke that is tailor made for the outdoors is the good old Backwoods cigar. Those sweet little smokes do indeed seem to taste better when you can enjoy them at a cabin in the woods, when enjoying the view of a quiet lake in the middle of the woods, while bass fishing on your favorite pond, bayou, or reservoir, or after chopping firewood in the backyard. The Backwoods Maduro Sweet Cigarillo is one of those classic little sticks that makes every trip to the great outdoors that much better. Aficionados who enjoy the great taste of fermented tobacco with a hint of honey and berry flavors will like the Backwoods Maduro Honey Berry Cigarillo.

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Buy C and C Gordo Cigar Samplers for a Fantastic Deal on Premium Everyday Smokes

C and C Gordo Cigars are one of the more recent additions to the Thompson Online Cigar Store. However, despite being one of the newer cigars on the block, these smokes are C & C Gordo Sampler Gordoattracting quite the following. In fact, some people have been buying a few samplers at a time because these sticks make for fantastic everyday smokes. The thing about these cigars is that they fit the bill as an everyday stick by merit of their low price (10 sticks for less than $30) while also being a premium 6 x 60 cigar. Yes, the Corojo has a 90 rating and both sticks in this sampler are good enough to merit a special place in any humidor.

The recipe for these quality smokes is simple yet produces excellent results. As with many other quality cigars, these fine sticks are rolled by hand and use choice Dominican tobacco to generate a satisfying, medium-bodied quality smoke. However, each cigar brand also makes use of a particular blend of tobacco and the fermented leaf chosen for C and C Gordos is a definite winner because they will probably be one of the best everyday smokes you have ever tried. Given the bargain prices for these fine sticks, who knows how long supplies will last so order a few C and C Gordo Samplers today.

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The Importance of Enjoying Cigars the Right Way

Jetline Gotham Quad Flame Black Finish LThose of us who enjoy smoking cigars don't just partake in the experience because we enjoy fine, fermented tobacco. We also smoke cigars because we relish the experience of testing and tasting the subtle difference in flavors that come from different types of tobacco and wrappers. We enjoy inspecting cigars and noting the quality of their construction, and focusing on the difference between the start, sweet spot, and end of the cigar. These are a few of the reasons why it's important to enjoy cigars the right way and that procedure includes:

  • Choosing the best cigar for the moment: Pick a mild stick for the morning, medium-bodied smoke for the afternoon, and full-bodied cigar for the evening. It might be an everyday smoke or premium cigars for special situations.
  • Inspecting and cutting the cigar: After checking and appreciating the construction of the stick in question, carefully snip off the tip with a quality cigar cutter. It's important to use cigar cutters and not a knife or scissors because the cutter results in the type of  good, even cut necessary for properly enjoying the cigar.
  • Lighting and smoking it: Use proper cigar lighters to evenly light the end of the stick and then casually smoke it with enough time to savor the fine flavors.

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