Can Cuba Meet the Demand?

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  1. Bob says:

    Yes, I have tried/smoked many Cuban cigars. Some provided to me as gifts, most while traveling abroad (many countries and various brands). I still mostly prefer my Montecristo #2 and would seek to acquire a few boxes of these first. I would also however like to get other non traditional (perhaps more local) brands to begin my grand experiment! Can’t wait

  2. Gerry says:

    I recently purchase 5 Cuban Cohiba cigars in Mexico and after smoking 2 of them I would definetly purchase more and as I am not a regular smoker anyway probably would all be Cubans for the ultimate enjoyment of the occasion when I do. We are also planning on a vacation in Cuba what a holiday that will be!

    • thompsoncigar says:

      We’d all love to see some fresh pics from Cuba! Would you consider sharing a few when you get back? And, of course, your favorite smokes while there as well.

  3. J.N.Khan says:

    Yes I still smoke Cuban cigars as I do not live in USA. Price wise they are expensive but they are good and and very good indeed. I buy my cigars from Dubai duty free shop which are usually half the uk price.I recently bought about 1000 £ of cigars from USA because they were cheap on average about 6£ per cigar usually smoke strong cigars about 2 cigars a day. My favourite Cuban cigars are partagas D 4, E 4 series,Lusitania,Mille Fleurs,BolivarBelicosos Finos,etc.
    Taste wise Cubans are smooth rich and have a good balanced flavour ,while cigars from USA namely serie R black,the edge aged 5 years,Gurkha 1999,Millienium,Rocky Patel,LFD,Romeo Cedro no.1 and many others are usually hit you hard ,course in taste,there is no smoothness in them.Still at price point they are worth it.
    For me Cubans wins hands down,because at 9 £ a go nothing can beat a partagas D 4.
    So my advice to all my American friends is to hit the road.

    • thompsoncigar says:

      Thanks for sharing your favorites list. It’s always great to get a more international view of the marketplace. The trend has certainly been towards stronger cigars over the past couple of years, but most people we talk to are still looking for that smoothness you mention as well.

  4. Jack says:

    Have you ever smoked a real Cuban cigar?

    Yes, Cuban cigars are very good in the eyes of society because they are hard to get, and great to smoke. With that being said, Cuban tobacco and cigars are subject to personal preference, as a cigar from Honduras versus a cigar from Nicaragua. This is no different, for I have had many Dominican cigars that are plenty more aesthetically pleasing than Cuban cigars. The culture of Cuban cigars have spread over the embargo years to other areas like Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, although, the almighty “Habano” will always be hyped because it is “a Cuban,” something that is uneasy for an American citizen to get their hands on. Some of my personal favorite Cuban cigars to smoke are the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial, as well as Bolivar Royal Coronas and of course the classic Cohiba Robústo.

  5. Sean says:

    Although I have only ever tried two authentic Cuban cigars, I enjoyed both of them very much. Usually when I find a new brand of cigars I like, I’ll spend some time and money exploring more cigars made by the company. Now that Cubans are becoming legal again in the states I am excited to explore an entire new selection of cigar companies and their ever famous “Cubans”.

    This being said. I don’t think that any Cuban cigar is inherently better than a Nicaraguan, Honduran, etc… So to answer the question regarding the demand for Cuban cigars, I think we will find that there will be an explosion in their demand at first, but over time people will come to realize that the hype surrounding Cuban cigars isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

  6. Ryan says:

    Have you ever smoked a real Cuban cigar?
    – Yes, while traveling abroad. I love Montecristo No. 2, and Partagas No. 4., Bolivars, and I’ve had Hoyo de Monterrey. I also know I’ve smoked the real thing because I bought them from reputable stores in London, or LCDH in South America. However, there are so many fakes out there I’d bet most people who say “yes” to this question will unknowingly be wrong as they likely smoked a fake cuban.

    Do you think you’d switch from your current cigar preferences to exclusively smoking Cubans?
    – No, I love Nicaraguan cigars and cigars made in other SA countries today. I’m excited about the possibility of adding more cubans to my humidor, but I doubt if they’ll be the majority.

    Will you try a couple and then make up your mind? If so, which ones do you want to smoke first?
    I’d love to try a Cohiba Bohike, and other lesser publicized brands like Trinidad.

    – And would I go to Cuba to buy cigars? Yes! I’d love to go to Cuba to buy cigars, and also to enjoy a vacation in Cuba…

  7. Scott says:

    Cuban cigars are good but not worth the premium they charge. If I am buying for my own personal hobby, then no I am not spending that much money on a cigar. Now if I am having a party or looking to make an impression, then yes I will be in the market for Cubans. 90% Nicaraguan cigars / 10% Cuban is probably my ratio when they become legal.

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