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Cigar guides from cigar 101 basics to help light up your first cigar experiences to very advanced flavor profiling notes to help you find your perfect stick along with humidor and accessory selection and care help.

Cuban and Dominican Cohiba cigars 0

A Cohiba by any other name

A lot of people (even veteran cigar smokers) are confused about the cigar marketplace. So often there isn’t a single point of origin, or strength, or taste profile that defines a brand. There is...

how to season a humidor video 0

How to season a humidor

As we countdown to Mother’s Day, we can’t help but look ahead to Father’s Day. And that makes us think of the number one question on everyone’s mind…what should I get him? An ever...


The ritual of the smoke

Are you asking yourself if we’re serious about suggesting that someone needs a primer in how to smoke a cigar? You take it out of its package and light up, right? Wrong! Smoking a...