Dominican Cohiba vs. Cuban Cohiba

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  1. Ovelyn says:

    Inbox me EMAIL REMOVED if any of you guys want to buy a Cohiba box originally from Cuba.

    • thompsoncigar says:

      Sorry to be a buzzkill here, but we can’t legally support or promote the resale of cigars. However, if you want to light one of those and waft a little of the smoke over the room, then leave us a full review, we would be down for that.

  2. Ayhoom says:

    Excuse me, is ther any one try the US cigar the Phillies, what about it i know that there is no comparison between the cubian cigars but any one can tell me what is the differences ?

  3. Gunny says:

    A friend of mind married a Cuban lady. So he as allowed to visit relatives. He brought back some real Cuban cohiba’s. There is a huge difference in quality.
    He did this every year and there is no doubt of he taste ,quality and pleasure. You know from the draw
    Smell that you have a real Cuban.

  4. Guy Buscema says:

    Hi all,
    First, did you smoke a REAL Cohiba???Where did you buy your Cohiba ? I can tell you one thing and that is when you smoke a REAL Cuban Cohiba,you TASTE the difference and at the end the Cuban is much better the DR. COHIBA is a horrible cigar. N.C.’s will NEVER come close to a Cuban.
    But, what else is new ???
    Guy Buscema,

  5. Shuaib Chaudhry says:

    i have heard that Cuban Cigars are more expensive than Dominicans because of Custom duty/ Tax issues. Otherwise Dominicans are better in quality. Is it true?

    • John Ceriani says:

      Hi Shuaib, I have been a cigar smoker for more than 20 years, I have tried different Cuban’s and Dominican’s cigars, I prefer Dominican cigars as they are smoother and better in quality for me the taste is better.

  6. Cristiano Cerca says:

    The writer is entitled to his our opinion and preferences. However it is not a matter of which one is the best. It is a matter of each one is the original… the first. It is not meant to be the same product anyway… So enjoy your RD cigars as we will keep on enjoying the one…the first and only COHIBA made in Cuba.

    • Marcelo Toimil says:

      I have smoked a few of each, roughly 6 or 7of each version. Although the tobacco in the Cuban version is superior in my opinion, I find the construction in the Dominican’s far more consistent. Maybe it was by sheer coincidence, but every Cuban Cohiba I have ever smoked had draw issues.

  7. Richard says:

    I myself had a number of cuban cigars while visiting the Dominican Republic (DR) and was so excited to try them. After having a couple of cubans which were stronger, I went back to my Dominicans. I like the DR cigars better which had a smoother smoke and burned more evenly. The thing about the cubans is a HYPE, because you cannot get them.
    Final word: DR & Honduras are as good as cubans or better over all. Cubans, if made available would be more expensive for less of cigar flavor and wrapper.

  8. Tyler says:

    I would ask if you were accustomed to smoking Dominican cigars more often than Cuban cigars when you performed your experiment? If you had grown to like the taste and overall smoke quality of Dominican cigars over Cubans, then wouldn’t your preference naturally gravitate towards what you were already familiar with? Have you tried the Hoyo de Monterey mini robusto cigars? I liked those a good deal more than any Cohibq cigar, and they cost half as much as a Cuban Cohiba.

  9. Jason Brody says:

    I agree, if your only going to smoke once in a while, spend
    A bit more and get a higher quality cigar. A great cigar is worth every cent.

  10. CDN Cubano says:

    I feel you’re bias towards Dominican Cohiba is what skewed these results. Cuban Cohiba is by far superior to the Dominican counter part in every aspect. I do agree however that if you’re a super mild smoker then Cuban are not for you as they tend to have a much fuller body to them as appose to the Dominican ones. My favorite Cohiba is the Cuban Robusto and have never smoked a Dominican that can even come close. I however am bias to Cuban tobacco regardless of the brand so I’m no better to compare the two either. What it boils down to is what you prefer. A light, mild, or full bodied. for a neophyte that alone can be too much. lol I’d also like to say for every 1 Esplendidos there are approx 10 fakes. So i hope the Churchill wasn’t the one you smoked. god knows what it could have been.

    • Doug says:

      I agree that the writer’s bias towards Dominicans may have skewed his perspective…but, as you said, you seem to have a bias towards Cubans which would skew your feelings on the comparison. I’m fairly new to fine cigars, and haven’t ever smoked a Cohiba of either Dominican or Cuban make…but it seems to me the difference is going to be according to each person’s taste.

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