Rotate the Cigars in Your Humidor

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5 Responses

  1. JoseDollinger says:

    This is really a nice tip. I have a good humidor with me and it does preserve my cigars well. But I have never done what you have mentioned here.

  2. Jon Foster says:

    In my end-table humidor, I store cigars in their original boxes with the lids off. I keep the cellophane on the individual cigars; although, I’m contemplating taking them off. I also built a lattice structure out of 4″ wide strips of spanish cedar to store singles in their individual 1″ square vaults. I have three fans in the humidor; one that runs continually and two that power on in the Le Veil Dch-60 humidifier. I feel confident that I can store cigars for years without the need for rotation.

  3. GregoryBerglund says:

    Even though the tip you have pointed out is small, I think its a great tip which we don’t usually notice. But this is applicable for people storing for too many long time period. Anyways, thank you for sharing your information.

  4. DoyleSandberg says:

    Keeping cigars inside common humidor’s for a long time is also not safe. It has to be checked regularly . Some special new type of humidor’s are available where we can store these cigars for any amount of time.

  5. TheCigarAficionado says:

    of course you can go for an adorini humidor instead of rotating the cigars. no need for rotation, because of the cool vent ribs and the tray.

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